How many times have you heard, “I can’t believe it’s a new year!” Believe it or not, it’s here!

What is your assessment of how you spent 2022? Do you feel you were productive? Are there organizational goals you’d like to hit this year? How well did you organize your days and work rhythms?

A new year brings the perfect time to implement better habits. If you noticed ways you wished the organization of your work days were different, this is the perfect time for making adjustments. Today, we’re diving into four ways you can set yourself up for success as you tackle these goals. 

Define Your “Nonnegotiables”

The best way to set yourself up for success in your priorities is to define your priorities. What are the things you want to be a staple in your week? Do you have a rhythm set up for your spiritual health? How about exercise goals? Family time is a priority most want to emphasize. Write these down so you can visualize the core items on your priority list. 

Delegate Some Responsibility

The beauty of delegation is it can help refine the things you need to focus on, but it can also work harmoniously with your desire to disciple and raise up leaders around you. What items tend to creep into your schedule that you can delegate to someone? What tool could you take one day to learn and automate future items that take up weekly time? One note for your delegation—learn to delegate responsibility rather than just tasks. You can end up in a repeat cycle of delegation, or you can train someone to own a task in the future. 

Coordinate Your Work Time

Learn how you work best, and then set up your work day accordingly. Did you know if you get a good night of sleep, you shouldn’t need a cup of coffee in the morning? Save it for 1:30 when the afternoon sleepies hit! What is your best rhythm for checking and responding to emails (so you’re in charge of it rather than the other way around…)? Focus on one task at a time, and set goals for yourself. Additionally, taking regular breaks can boost your productivity. 

Set Tomorrow Up For Success

Your environment can affect your productivity. Organize your workspace and be sure to clean it up at the end of the day so you can begin a new workday with a fresh, clean space. You can also set up your next day for success by creating your to-do list and reviewing your schedule.

Don’t limit your organizational skills! Choose to improve in them, and see how it impacts the quality of your leadership, and ultimately your ministry!

The more we take initiative to work in our most productive state, the less we’ll feel our days are in charge of us! How can you set yourself up for the best new year yet?