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Ministry leaders are so focused on helping others that they often don’t care for themselves. Fullstrength helps ministry leaders by giving them access to wellbeing experts and resources so they can live and lead well.


Meet Tom

On Sunday, May 26th Tom called his board and quit from extreme burnout. Watch this video to experience how generous donors can help ministry leaders like Tom live out their calling.


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Thousands of pastors and ministry leaders have already taken a step toward living and leading well with a Full Strength Membership. Join the waiting list and once availability opens, we will notify you with information about how to complete your membership.

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For Individuals & Groups

A subscription plan that gives you or your team access to professional, licensed and spiritual coaching or counseling, a variety of resources focused on the 6 areas of wellbeing, as well as downloadable resources including a daily mindfulness check-in app. Whether you lead a church staff, lead in a denomination, or you are wanting to personally become a member, we are here for you.


Healthy Pastors Lead Healthy Churches

Healthy Churches Change The World

FullStrength is a nonprofit organization that believes healthy pastors lead healthy churches and that these healthy churches have the power to change the world. Our mission is to provide expert guidance and resources to pastors and ministry leaders, helping them prioritize their own well-being in order to live and lead well. We understand that pastors are often so focused on helping others that they don’t take care of themselves, and our goal is to see pastors and ministry leaders thrive.