Change happens.

You will notice the transformation in your family, friends, community, ministry, plus everything else in this world.

As the months and years pass on the calendar, you are evolving and changing as a person and as a ministry leader. Are you challenging yourself along the way to keep learning and growing?

Your ministry’s future depends on your ability to adapt to the current culture and your willingness to apply the professional development tools that you gather along the way.

Fortunately, there are countless resources and ideas available to kick-start your journey with personal and professional development. The beauty of information overload is that you can sample a few and keep the practices that are the best fit for you.

Here are 5 tips to learn and grow:

Stay Thirsty:  Leaders thrive when they have a thirst for more knowledge and personal growth. They look forward to deepening their learning and apply new skills to life situations.

Empower Others: Delegate tasks and celebrate your team’s strengths by looking for ways to support and empower their professional development. When you allow others to grow, it will expand the ministry and increase the time you focus on your God-given assignments.

Stay Committed: Identify your ministry philosophy and keep it in focus. Thriving pastors have a sound biblical platform for doing ministry and stay committed to it.

Ground Yourself: Establish and maintain a deep sense of what God has called you to do. When you are grounded, your leadership will flow out of who you are in Christ and who you are becoming.

Build Relationships: Build and engage in key mentoring relationships. Effective leaders meet regularly with a mentor to share the highs and lows of ministry. They are also willing to be a mentor to others that want to grow spiritually and in leadership.

Developing a student’s posture and holding an interest in lifelong learning will help you stay ahead of the curve and position yourself for longevity in ministry.