It’s tough to find financial freedom, especially when you’re in ministry. We might have the desire to be wise with money, not let it consume our lives, and also find ways to be smart and healthy with our financial habits. But the practice is much more difficult than the intention. 

So, we must be intentional with how we approach finances. It’s ok to ask for help. It’s wise to put safeguards and habits in our lives that will lead us to our desired destination of financial health. 

Today, we’re getting super practical with five financial resources utilized by many pastors. 

  1. Finance Calculators. Dave Ramsey is well known in the ministry realm and offers a wide variety of free financial calculators to help you with personal home finances. There are calculators for saving, loans, retirement planning, debt repayment, and a host of others. You will also find more helpful resources on his website.
  2. Financial Coaching. Full Strength Network offers a variety of services for clergy and their families, such as counseling and coaching for an extraordinarily low cost. Among the many services is financial coaching. Check out their financial coaching offering and other services just for clergy: Visit  Full Strength Network and scroll down to “membership resources.”
  3. Kickstarting Savings. Thrivent Financial, a well-known faith-based financial services company, offers this article about learning how to kickstart savings habits.
  4. Financial podcasts. Crown Financial offers a series of stewardship podcasts covering a wide array of financial topics.
  5. Faith-based Investment. Faith Driven Investor is a movement dedicated to helping Christ-following investors believe that God owns it all and that He cares deeply about the how, where, and why behind our investment strategies.”

There are resources available to you as a ministry leader if you want to establish a healthy financial lifestyle. Don’t wait to take a step today toward financial freedom! 

It can happen. Even when you think the problem is too big to tackle, take the first step today. What’s the best thing that could happen?